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Adult education and social action
This website carries details and samples from the text of three books by Michael Newman on the use of learning as tool in the struggle for social change and social justice.
Alain Leger: sociology of education
Alcohol: Problems and Solutions
Useful information on alcohol problems and evaluations of various proposals to reduce their incidence and severity.
Virtual Library of European Sociology filled with sociological specimens selected in the way of a peer nomination process for which we used advanced discussion forums on the Web. This pilot project covers at the moment only three European countries but offers for each country texts on three different topics: on society, on the national style of doing sociology, and on the history of sociology in the particular country; in addition we developed a scheme of basic data about sociology in X which can be used comparatively.We want to further network on an advanced development of the Virtual Library by including more partners / countries and additional features into it.
Appunti di Scienze Sociali ed Altro
Original and selected texts about sociology and other social sciences. Also the biographies, works and theories of important authors within the discipline.
Artemio Baigorri. Pagina de Sociologia
Personal page with my recents own papers and books on urban sociology, ecology, genre studies and work, and links to other sites, magazines and reviews. All texts in spanish
Asian-Nation: The Landscape of Asian America
A unique exploration of the historical, political, demographic, and cultural issues that make up today's diverse Asian American community.
Bilimsel Kaynaklar
Türkçe ve Yabancı dillerde Bilimsel Araştırmalar Haber ve Kaynak Portalı
Ciencia Hoy
Página dedicada a la revista que tiene como objetivo divulgar los avances tecnológicos y científicos,Red Teleinformática Argentina,sitios recomendados,noticias de la semana,etc.Ediciones anteriores.
Co-operation and Community
Exploration and discussion of the origins of cooperation and the idea of community: by Kevin Loughran
CpsDoc: spanish journal articles database
Database of Social Sciences. Made by the library of the Faculty of political Sciences and Sociology. Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Cuban Evolutionary Humanist Movement
Clear, complete presentation of humanism and its application in life and society. In Spanish.
Decision Process Guide
Discovering America As It Is

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