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Hans L Zetterberg' Archive
Human Nature and Development Breakthrough
L. S. Heatherly presents the theory that Nature's nurture and culture(nurturome) evolved in evolutionary bond with our genes(genome) until civilization incrementally adulterates, surrogates, and diminishes our human nurturome, our social-spiritual blueprint and primary birthright.
Josep Burcet Ll
Sociology for the Communication Society
Essays and article written by a French researcher : sociology of Start Up, ethnography, philosophy. A few novels and poems.
Ordinary Sociology
A gateway to selected articles and essays on social and political themes.
People's Institute of Social Development
Child education,eradication of child labour.
A site containing papers on political theory and on social problems and projects. In English and Italian.
Quantum Unitary Field Dynamics QUFD
Multidisciplinary science education website
The Lucifer Principle
About the Lucifer Principle, a book by Howard Bloom which examines history with a scientific approach. Great list of related Internet links.
The Next 1000 Years of Socio-Technological Change
Illustrated speculative timeline of likely technological advances and their possible effects on society over the next 1000 years.
The Social Science Paper Publisher
Read mainly unpublished material in sociological and social science subject areas or get feedback for your own scholarly paper.
TM Movement in India and the West: Charisma, Ideol
Dr. Coplin's comparative study of the TM movement of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi; origins in India, charisma and routinization, mass media treatment, westernization, organiz. dev., cross-cultural community.
Utopia on Wheels
Online data support and links for the book Utopia on Wheels.

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