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Academic editor
Professional editorial assistance for theses, dissertations, journal articles, and non-fiction manuscripts by Donna Maurer, Ph.D.
Alliance of Statistics Consultants
Data management, analysis, and tutoring services for students, researchers, writers, and businesses.
American Pictures
A large-scale multimedia presentation and book by Jacob Holdt on racism and social inequality presented more than a thousand times in 311 American universities - in addition to 14 other countries.
ATLAS/TI Software for Qualitative Research
Download a trial version of this software for qualitative research analysis.
Career Consulting Corner - Social Sciences and Humanities
Provides sociologists with career information including educational resources, job descriptions, salary information, job outlook, largest employers and more.
Providers of data conversion software to extract Census and other govermnetal data from PDF documents.
Connection Charts
On-line sociogram builder
Exams Unlimited, Inc.
Sociology course preperation software.
Handylearn Counter
offers a free software for counting, census and quantitative field studies.
You just use the keypad of your mobile phone to count. The software adds the counts and creates bar chart and pie chart statistics.

Karsten Meier
Measure Customer and Employee Satisfaction with NBRI Surveys. Free Survey Demonstrations and valuable White Papers.
PsychData specializes in online data collection for researchers in the social sciences. Use our Survey Editor to build and launch your survey in minutes.
Simstat / Provalis Research
This site offers a searchable index of over 350 dataset abstracts and 150,000 variable descriptions as well as much, much more.
The Idea Channel
Featuring the world's top scholars, discussing their ideas.

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