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The SocioWeb
Cyber Anthropology
Dedicated to investigating developments, processes and apparatuses in the arena that represents the interaction between humanity and new technology.
Economic and Political Weekly
Social sciences review in french.
Gray Areas Magazine
Heroes: Who They Are, Why We Need Them
A website devoted to the social psychological study of heroes and villains.
International Journal of Comparative Sociology
Provides details about the journal's mandate, table of contents, abstracts, links to related sites, and more.
International Review of Social Research
An international, scholarly peer-reviewed journal, International Review of Social Research carries sociology and social/cultural anthropology research articles.International Review of Social Research publishes original research articles along with special issues, debates and commentaries.
Japan Research and Analysis
Japanese science writer of a nationwide paper has established this site. It consists of columns which discuss social phenomena in Japan. Original columns are written in Japanese, and have many links on news sources.
The Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation.
Journal Flood
A running commentary on academic journals in sociology and closely related disciplines.
Journal of Developing Societies
A forum for scholarly analysis of developing, as well as developed world societies and cultures, past and contemporary.
Journal of Life Economics
Journal of Mundane Behavior
An online, interdisciplinary journal devoted to the study of everyday life, everyday ways of thinking about the world, and the processes that go into the construction of the mundane.

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