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The SocioWeb
Journal of Scientific Papers - Economics & Sociology
A bi-annual international scholarly journal published by Centre of Sociological Research (Ukraine)dedicated to advancing socio-economic analysis of societies and economies, institutions and organizations, social groups, networks and relationships.
Journal of World-Systems Research
Marian's Blog
A weblog of crosscultural & international commentary and book recommendations from Marian Douglas (Black American), international consultant in human rights and elections in societies such as Bosnia (Srebrenica), Croatia, Haiti, Peru, Kosovo, and beyond.
An online newsletter from the European Research Centre on Migration and Ethnic Relations.
New York Journal of Sociology
Published by the department of sociology and anthropology at SUNY Cortland
Organdi Quarterly - ISSN 1630-7712
Online full-text, peer-reviewed journal of culture, creation and criticism. Articles, reviews, interviews and documents are published in English and French.
Papiers Universitaires
Journal d'expression universitaire pluridisciplinaire, thématique.
Paris-Tirana : les sciences sociales et les Balkans
This blog, written by Mickael Wilmart (Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris) gives analysis and reviews of social sciences works about Balkans, more precisely about Albania. In french and in English
Po Blog, "Social Studies"
A companion to Po Bronson's books, a blog tackling social science issues that affect families today, often analyzing journal reports and debunk-ing commonly-held myths about sociological phenomenon.
Progress in Development Studies
An international journal for the discussion of development issues e.g. the international debt crisis; environment and questions of sustainability; gender relations; the rights of the child.
Psicociudad - El portal de la psicología
Psicología y ciencias sociales aplicadas a la salud,la sociedad,la política,la comunicación,el trabajo y las organizaciones.
Qualitative Sociology Review
Radical Pedagogy
An interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal devoted to the analysis of contemporary teaching and learning.
Revista de Sociologia e Politica

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