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Association for Objective Hermeneutics (AGOH), Germany
The organization provides a platform for researchers working with objective hermeneutics in their respective fields. (in German -- some parts in English)
Communication as one active concept of society
A discussion on the different concepts of communication from the point of view of a methodology of distinctions
Complexity and the distinction of complex/simple
Complexity as a metatheoretical approach for a theory of society - the complex and the simple
An educational resource for the learning, researching, and teaching of theoretical criminology and the sociology of deviance.
Cultural Selection
Interdisciplinary theory of social change, applied to e.g. history, religion, art, mass media, sexuality, peace and conflict.
Davetian's Social Theory Resources
A comprehensive portal to theory resources in sociology and social and political thought.
Decision as an active component of society
A discussion about the relationsship between decision, risk and autonomous processes in society
DSA's Theoretical Journal
Evolution as a concept for a theory of society
Discussion of the concept of evolution as a component of a theory of society from the point of view of a methodology of distinctions
Evolutionary Theories in the Social Sciences
Designed to be the central source of information for anyone interested in evolutionary thought in the social sciences.
Institute for Hermeneutic Research on Culture and Society, Frankfurt (Germany)
Research, consulting, training on the basis of objective hermeneutics.
International Center for Peace and Development
The ICPD conducts research projects on a wide range of issues pertaining to a comprehensive theory of social development, food security, employment, economic development, and the environment.
résumés d'ouvrages de théorie macrosociologique d'inspiration Marx-Weber-Gramsci-Braudel- Elias
Manifesto of the State's Nature
Fundamentals and practical conclusions of rather innovative and original political theory provided in a popular form suitable both for professionals and for non-professionals

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