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Niklas Luhmanns Theory of Social Systems
Problems with Theory-Construction of Grand Theories Niklas Luhmann's Theory of Social Systems, as an Example
Papers by Hans O. Melberg
Frequently updated page with papers on methodology, political theory, Russia and economics.
Pós-modernidade, Política e Educação
Artigos analisando questões políticas, econômicas e sócioculturais da pós-modernidade.
Research in Philanthropy and Social Development
An open-content portal of social theories and theorists.
The Change of Paradigma in the Social Sciences
Essay on the change of perspective in science, in the first instance in the social sciences from the point of view of a theory of distinctions
The concept of human being as a social concept
The distinction between technology and the arts
Article about the distinction between technology and the arts - from the point of view of a methodology of distinctions
The Form of Action
Article on the different aspects of social action from the point of view of the theory of distinctions
The Form of Media
Article on the different aspects of 'media' in society - it could also be title The Media of Society
The Form of Society
A discussion of the category of society in a historical and in a systematic perspective including the categories of action, communication, decision, structure, function and evolution as essential.
The Form of Technology
Discussion about the general meaning of technology as an important aspect for modern society
The human body as a social component of society
Discussion about the meaning of the body as a social category - taking sexuality as an example - for a theory of society
The Jon Elster Page
An overview of the works of Jon Elster, a leading social scientist.

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