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Corporate Governance
The site provides news, analysis, and hundreds of links to consultants, sites, policies, and organizations with a focus on Corporate Governance. Strives to create more democratic forms of corporate governance.
E-mail lists related to Marxism
A national print magazine targeted to consumers that focuses on significant research and researchers, explaining what they can offer in the way of practical options for dealing with pressing social problems, in the U.S. and around the world.
Northern Consulting Ltd.
Progressive Sociology Network WWW page
Social and Behavioral Sciences Research Institute, University of Arizona
SBSRI promotes basic and applied research in the social sciences. The Institute supports basic research on individual behavior (including linguistic and psychological aspects), social organization, theory and values, and public policy.
Sociology and Social Service Job Openings
Sociopranos Forum
Online forum to chat about sociology and sociological topics.
German online discussion forum.
Topics: Sociology, related social sciences, studying and working in the field of sociology and more.

Online Diskussionsforum für den deutschsprachigen Raum.
Themen: Soziology, verwandte Sozialwissenschaften, Studium und Arbeit im Bereich der Soziologie und mehr.
The Marxism Page
The Socialist Theory Page

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