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Criminology and Social Deviance (7)
Cultural Studies (6)
Demography (2)
Gender Studies (0)
Marriage and Family (2)
Methodology (7)
Population (0)
Race Relations (2)
Religion (3)
Social Inequalities (10)
Social Psychology (6)
Social Stratification (1)
Social Systems (1)
Sociology of Orginizations (3)
Sport and Leisure (4)
Technology (7)
World Affairs (17)
Sociological and anthropological research on chronic illness in West-Africa, in a urban and rural context : leprosy, epilepsy
Approche sociologique des medias
Belgian sociological study of mass-media tv and movies
Astrosociology: A New Subfield
Astrosociology is a new subfield of sociology that focuses on the interactive effects between space-related, or astrosocial, phenomena and societies.
Beauty Matters
An exploration into the human creation of objects of beauty and the nature of beauty itself.
Coombsweb - ANU Social Sciences Server
European Researches on Media Sociology
Offers resources for researchers in the Sociology of Media, including texts and calls for papers. In particular, it encourages the collaboration of researchers from European countries to compare journalistic forms, media structures, and the specific modes of media production in each country.
Kearl's Guide to Sociological Thanatology
A very in depth look at all aspects of the Sociology of Death & Dying.
Millennium Twins
A longitudinal study of twins born in the new millennium - a living study of Deception
Visitors can read the articles, take polls, listen to famous lies, and seek advice in the forums regarding the age old practice of lying
Tales of Land - Racconti di terra
Research project on rural pensioners in Veneto (Italy) implementing quantitative, qualitative and visual methods
The Human Ecology of Salmon Seiners
Competition and information among British Columbia salmon purse seiners
The Rumor, by Pascal Froissart.
Rumor. Theories, History and Criticism on a Déjà-vu Phenomenon. How to use the concept of rumor when it's so bad defined, so unsuccessfully studied, and so bad used, by extremists in particular

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