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Basque University, Bizkaia
C. Wright Mills Homepage
An informative, in-depth guide to the sociology of C. Wright Mills, including many quotations.
Franz Oppenheimer
1864-1943, german sociologist and economist, founder of a tird way theory between capitalism and communism, co-founder of the American Journal of Economics and Sociology
Independent University of Barcelona
Les Classiques des sciences sociales
Livres, en texte intégral en formats word et pdf, en accès libre, en sociologie, anthropologie, économie politique, philosophie sociales, des grands auteurs classiques.
Library of the Faculty of Political Sciences and Sociology
Online catalog and databases for sociology.
Philip Zimbardo's Home Page
Information about Philip Zimbardo, his career, and research. Includes a slide show of the infamous Stanford Prison Experiment.
Robert K. Merton's Dream Machine
An interactive explication of Merton's 1938 'Social Structure and Anomie.' Includes discussion of functionalism and functionalist theories of crime.
The Emile Durkheim Archive
An in-depth, informative source of information for undergraduates. Over 70 Durkheim quotes on various subjects. Foucault centre
Several introductory resources and articles on Michel Foucault and work based on Foucault's ideas
Universidad Pablo de Olavide
Departamento de Trabajo Social Y Ciencias Sociales

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